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Xtreme Foam Pit

Try a somersault, a flip or just a star jump - but make sure you land on your feet or your seat!

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Foam Pit Rules

  • Patrons must not jump on the foam pit court without a court monitor in attendance.
  • Patrons must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Jumpers must land in the foam pit feet first.
  • One person should be jumping per lane. You must wait until the previous jumper from your lane has returned to the platform.
  • No double flips.
  • No back flips or “gainers” (backflips whilst jumping forwards)
  • No running starts allowed.
  • Exit the foam pit as quickly as you can.
  • Do not attempt anything outside your personal limitations or abilities.
  • Patrons must be in control of their bodies at all times.
  • Where possible patrons should remove glasses and hearing aids before entering the foam pit.
  • Large or loose jewellery should be removed before entering the foam pit.
  • Pockets should be empty.

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