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Our Team

At Xtreme Air we are proud of our enthusiastic staff, game and party monitors. Each team member brings an individual skill and dynamic that strengthens the organisation as a whole.

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Leesa Le Mur

Born in Madagascar in 1992, Leesa Ringtail was born with a rocket Dodgeball arm and could never get away from her true calling as someone who would make her mark on the world. After first travelling to the USA to smash the competition. Leesa went back home to visit family members before getting work on a transport vessel where she met Lenny Le Mur. The two were married and agreed to bring Xtreme Air to Australia and show everyone living life to the Xtreme.


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Lenny Le Mur

Born in Madagascar in 1990 Lenny Le Mur always was too Xtreme for his brothers and sisters, he stowed away on a shipping container and disguised himself as a crew member, whilst attempting to contact the captain to get a trampoline installed on the vessel he met Leesa Ringtail. Her Love of Adrenalin filled Dodgeball Games Kept him on his toes, the two were married and brought Xtreme Air to Australia.